Alpaca Barber

Professional Alpaca and Llama Shearing Services

Servicing our home State of Michigan and nearby boarders

Rates and Services

Alpaca Barber provides a variety of services throughout the year for your animal's needs.

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Alpaca and Llama Shearing

April, May, and June 2020


Full Shear $30

Show Fleece/Shear $35

Barrel Shear $20

Belly Shear $10

Hand Shear $40

Toenail Trim $5

Teeth Trim $10

Cria Tip/Shear $25

Base Farm Call $55, subject to change

Large Herd Rates for 25+ Alpacas/Llamas

Full Shear $25

Barrel Shear $15

Show Fleece/Shear $30

All other rates remain the same

Herd count applies to alpacas and llamas only

Small Flock Sheep Shearing

Spring 2020


Sheep Shear $10

Toenail Trim $5

Base Farm Call $45, subject to change

Sheep Shearing Services are limited to small flocks of 10 sheep/goats or fewer per day.

Farms with larger flocks will be asked to find a professional sheep shearer as we will be unable to accommodate you. Thank you for your understanding!

Herd Maintenance and Cria Shearing

July 2020 through March 2021


Alpaca/Llama Toenail Trim $10

Sheep/Goat Toenail Trim $5

Alpaca/Llama Teeth Trim $10

Cria Tip/Shear $25

Base Farm Call $55, subject to change

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Farm Call rates are based on regular gas prices up to $2.49/gal. For prices $2.50-$2.99/gal, the farm call rate will increase by a minimum of $5. Certain long distance drives and out-of-state rates will be calculated differently and are usually around $10 more than the current local Farm Call rate. You will be notified if the long distance/out-of-state rate applies to you along with a quote upon request. Please feel free to contact us with your questions. 

Alpaca Barber will no longer be accepting any new GOAT-ONLY farms. We will continue to service our current farms with goats and new farms with mixed flocks containing goats for shearing. Furthermore, we will be phasing out ALL goat shearing services over the next few years. Please plan for your future goat shearing needs accordingly.

Alpaca Barber services our home state of Michigan and the Michigan/Ohio and Michigan/Indiana boarders. If you are outside of this region we apologize that we will not be able to help you.